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Angus Aran Knitwear.
100% Hand Knitted.


120 x 60 Argos July 03

Remote PC and Laptop Servicing
Slow computers cost your business money!!
Over time computers get clogged with obsolete files, badly fragmented hard drives and a choked registry. All of these things and more effect your production.
We can now offer to clean your systems remotely outside your normal working hours so there is no down time for your staff.

If you would like to find out more about getting your systems serviced remotely give us a call on tel: 01307 818314 or drop us an e-mail @:

Online Digital Magazines...

Does your company produce a printed version of a brochure, catalogue, newsletter or magazine ?

Would you like to be able to have a 'Digital Version' for promoting your business to a wider audience without the high print and distribution costs ?

We can produce a 'Digital' version of your brochure or magazine for you which you can add to your existing web site and then be able to market to your target audience through e-mail, telephone, letter or which ever medium suits you best.

You can view an example of the subscription only digital magazine 'The Native Pony' (Feb/March 2008).

The 'Digital' versions are produced from the supplied PDF files and then uploaded to the your server. There are other 'Digital' services available, online, which require you to host the digitized versions on their servers and are charged monthly for the privilege, some are even free, but your web site won't get the benefit of the content from the search engines.  With the version you host your own digital magazine which you always own with no further costs....ever...and your content benefits your own web site in the world of the search engines.

If you would like to find out more about getting your business publications in a Digital format give us a call on tel: 01307 818314 or drop us an e-mail @:

Specialist Internet Marketing Services with

Every business would love to have their web site appear on the first page of the search results, but very few will achieve this. It takes specialist knowledge, a lot of research and time to get a web site to perform. Many business quickly become disillusioned with 'Marketing On-Line' because the fantastic looking site they have paid 's for isn't driving the visitors expected.

We don't build Web Sites, there are many talented graphic designers and specialist companies that do that very well. What we do is work with web designers and apply the fine tuning, using our proven specialist knowledge, to ensure that web sites perform where it really matters.
We offer a range of web services to help you get the most out of your web investment.

Search Engine Marketing.

Not to be confused with search engine optimisation. Web designers often claim to optimise your site for the search engines. This simply means that the search engine spiders will be able to index your web site.
Search engine marketing means that your pages are designed to ensure that the pages gain as a high a ranking as possible. This is done within the HTML code that makes up your pages and there will be no change in the appearance of your web site. There are 101 things that the spiders measure when they index your site that can make the difference between your site being in the top of the search engine results or being lost in cyber space. Worst case scenario is that badly coded sites can be banned from the search engines altogether.

Using our proven technical experience we will review your web site and tell you what and where changes need to be made to increase your search rankings.

This service costs 150 for a 3 page web site, add 25 for each additional page. Not all pages require to be marketed to the search engines and there may even be pages you do not want the search engines to index. Whatever your requirements we will keep you on the right track and we will not review pages that are not required, keeping your costs to a minimum. The final costs are dependant on the current configuration of your web site and as all web sites vary costing is finalised after your site has been reviewed.

Sign up for your site to meet the Marketing Protocols >>>>>
Got a question ? e-mail

Ongoing Technical Web Support.

It is often more convenient and cheaper to maintain your own web site. We offer a training and support service that will enable you to make changes to your own web site. With a step by step approach you will gain an understanding on how to add new pages, add images, using forms or anything you would like to do. More importantly you will be kept up to date with the ever changing search engine protocols that will ensure that your web site is performing at it's best in the search engine rankings.......priceless information !!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
The fixed fee for ongoing support is 100 per month with in-house training  40 per hour.

Sign up for Technical Support today >>>>
Got a question ? e-mail